Discover the 6 Core Elements of Healing - no matter what healing modality you use - that will help you be more present with your clients to invite them into a space of receiving and infinite possibilities.

We also look at ways to Develop your Intuition, Body Whispering and answer participant questions.

There is also a Theta Healing Meditation and Energy Expansion exercise.

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About the instructor

Professional Healer, Tarot Reader & Spiritual & Personal Development

Keryn Lee

Keryn began her Tarot journey over 30 years ago and having struggled to memorise card meanings and make sense of the Tarot cards she gave up numerous times until she finally realised that this style of learning did not suit her.It was when she started teaching Developing Intuition classes and used the Tarot cards to play games with her students that she realized there was a different way to approach learning the Tarot.By incorporating simple and fun skill-building exercises and games into her Tarot practise she was able to interact with the cards in a way that enhanced her intuition and card reading abilities, and before long she was reading at expo's, events and festivals. This experience gave her ample opportunity to hone her skills and build a professional Tarot practice.She now inspires others to enjoy learning the ancient art of Tarot Reading for self, for friends or professionally.

Course Curriculum

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    Being a Healer Teleclass

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    • Being a Healer Video 1

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    • Theta Meditation Video 3

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    • Being a Healer Summary

Join me for this fun and informative teleclass so you can take your healing sessions to the next level!

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