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How To Work Energetically with your Business

Do you create with your business from the space of “How can I get more clients?" or do you create from a space of “What would be fun for me today?’ Each of these questions represents an energy dynamic that you bring to your business.

For too long, as spiritual beings, we have attempted to fit what we do into business models that don’t work for us. These models are out-dated and based on what someone else has done in the past, as well as a multitude of expectations, projections and conclusions about what a business is supposed to look like. They do not allow for the uniqueness of you and the “beyond this reality” possibilities that are available when you are willing to work energetically with your business to create in a different way.

In this class you will learn a variety of tools and techniques to help you create with your business in a way that is fun, rewarding and fulfilling, so you can DO WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO and make a difference in the world.


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Keryn Lee
Keryn Lee
Professional Psychic Healer, Tarot Reader & Teacher

About the instructor

Keryn began her Tarot and Healing journey over 35 years ago and has worked professionally in these areas for over a decade. 

She loves to inspire others to live the life they love by sharing their unique gifts and talents with the world - whether it is through Tarot or Healing or just being yourself.

In more recent years her skills turn to business to breakthrough the old, out-dated models and help healers and spiritual entrepreneurs to create rewarding, authentic businesses in an entirely different way.

Let's make a difference in the world!

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